Borgodoro farmhouse

The Borgodoro farmhouse was born from a gesture of love: that of the Borgognoni family, who decided to make this ancient eighteenth-century residence, surrounded by vineyards and the gentle hills of the Sabina, a charming refuge where you can dedicate yourself to self-care.

Borgodoro is a story of a gift made by husband, Mr. Giancarlo Borgognoni, to his wife. This is how Ms. Patrizia Luzi, a former classical dancer of the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, began immediately, from that distant 1987, to dedicate herself with passion for the care of this place, helped not only by her husband but also by her daughters Elisabetta and Germana.

What has been created is a perfect place where nature and tradition blend with harmony and simplicity and where guests feel at home, enveloped in the serenity, colors, and scents of the Lazio countryside.