Tradition, seasonality, use of excellent raw materials mostly produced by our farm

A glass of wine, a careful selection of cold cuts, a crunchy bruschetta accompanied by a hint of fresh pecorino, the smile and courtesy of those who are happy to offer and make people appreciate the simplicity and genuineness of the food.

In the old stable, skilfully restored, you can taste fresh ricotta, pecorino, cured meats, jams, pies and small sweets… all strictly homemade.

In addition, the tasting of the many dishes based on vegetables and legumes from our garden, cheeses, meats, without forgetting the hand-made pasta, all accompanied by the wine of our own production, is also inevitable.

The ancient peasant tradition remains, in fact, alive in the fields and vegetable gardens cultivated for family production, which from season to season still offer genuine products, to be transformed into the tasty dishes of a rustic cuisine with a strong character. Our vegetable garden is located a few meters from the Osteria. We have always grown according to organic methods. Our philosophy “from sowing to table” without the use of pesticides, preservatives, additives … Sun, rain and wind influence the productions. To savor the authentic flavor of vegetables, intensely flavored vegetables and aromatic herbs.

Our menu includes not only vegetables but also wild plants, ancient varieties, unusual plants and flowers.

For any information or booking you can send an email to info@borgodoro.com or
contact us at the numbers 393.9098293 or 393.9098718


The reservation will be valid only after our confirmation. For tables of more than 8 people, it is necessary to agree on one of our tasting menus for the entire table.